Mediation/Dispute Resolution without Litigation

When you consider going to court, your ultimate goal is always to reach some resolution that will satisfy your needs. If you’re involved in a divorce, your goal may be to gain custody of your children. If you are the defendant in a criminal case, the goal of your attorney is to help you avoid fines and incarceration. If you’re participating in a class action lawsuit, your goal may be to gain compensation for damages you’ve sustained in one form or another. Likewise, the person or agency on the opposing side of your case will be trying to resolve the situation as much to their own satisfaction as possible. A spouse’s lawyer may be helping their client to get maintenance payments. A prosecuting attorney may be pushing for prison time. A corporate lawyer may be trying to keep their company from having to pay out a large settlement.

As everyone knows, litigation can eat up a great deal of two very important resources: time and money. An alternative to litigation, which frequently reduces the both length of a case and the expense involved, is mediation or dispute resolution. Often, both parties will agree to engage legal representation to help them reach a mutually-beneficial solution and settle the case without all the hassle of a long, drawn out court battle. In fact, most people prefer to try and settle first and only move to litigation if mediation isn’t affective for one reason or another. This is why it’s important to hire great legal representation when heading into mediation.

Chuck Schuyler, PA has been working to help people reach mutually-beneficial solutions through mediation since 1990. How do you know that Chuck Schuyler is “great legal representation?” The answer to that is his 100% success rate. He knows that your time is valuable and that you don’t want to spend months or years tied up in messy litigation. He also understands that you work hard to earn your money and you don’t want to pour all of your earnings into multiple court fees and huge settlements. Chuck Schuyler can help you with your case through mediation and help you resolve disputes with a positive outcome. He can help you avoid spending all of your time dealing with a long litigation.

Another benefit of engaging the mediation services of Chuck Schuyler is one that’s hard to quantify, but nonetheless very valuable. Emotions often play heavily into legal disputes, especially when it comes to custody disputes and criminal cases. The longer a case is drawn out, the more emotional wear on each of the parties can be involved. Families can be drawn in, testimony can be hurtful, and simply the exhaustion of extended conflict can bring about more stress. A successful mediator like Chuck Schuyler can not only save time and money for his clients, but also reduce the stress and anxiety that often comes with legal disputes. He can help you settle the case peacefully, avoiding the emotional strain that can come with the litigation process.

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